Our comprehensive security training programs aim not only to improve your employees' knowledge but also to foster a culture of security within your organization, in which everyone understands their role in maintaining cybersecurity.

Basic Security Training

One of the main ways that organizations can improve their security posture is by ensuring that all their employees and contractors understand the basics of cybersecurity. Our training program focuses on these fundamentals and is structured around real-world situations. This includes secure practices while working from home, maintaining operational security when traveling, and safely using personal devices for work. Through this practical approach, participants learn how to apply security concepts in their daily work routines.

Specialized Training Modules

The basic training program is divided into three modules:

Identity Protection: This module provides participants with an understanding of how to protect their digital identities. This involves training on the use of strong, unique passwords, the importance of multi-factor authentication, and how to recognize and avoid phishing attempts and other identity theft techniques.

Device Security: In this module, we train your employees and contractors on how to maintain the security of the devices they use. This includes proper device setup, installation of necessary security software, keeping the operating system and applications updated, and safe internet browsing practices.

Information Security: This module focuses on the importance of protecting sensitive data, be it company's proprietary information or customer data. Participants will learn about different data classifications, secure data handling, storage, and transmission practices, and the importance of immediate reporting in case of suspected data breaches.

Specialized Cybersecurity Training

In addition to our basic training, we offer specialized training tailored to your specific cybersecurity needs. These could include advanced training on specific security tools, secure coding practices for your developers, in-depth training on regulatory compliance, or incident response procedures, among others. Our goal is to help you enhance your organization's cybersecurity skills in the areas where they are most needed.

We offer all trainings in person as well as hybrid/remote. Currently we offer training in English and Czech.