We offer consultations on wide range of security topics. Our main focus is on these:

Security architecture

The architecture of your security system is critical for ensuring your organization's safety. It provides a structured way to describe the current state of your security, envision what it should look like in the future, and plan steps to get there. This includes selecting the right technologies and procedures that align with your organization's specific risk profile. Our experts can guide you in designing a security architecture tailored to your needs, whether it's for a small project or an enterprise-wide initiative. We focus on providing you with an integrated system that can respond to ever-evolving threats effectively.

Security project management & Quality assurance

Implementing a security project is not a small task, it needs expertise and attention to detail. We provide project management services to guide your security projects from inception to completion, ensuring that every step is meticulously planned and executed. This includes defining objectives, identifying risks, planning resources, and managing the timeline to ensure timely completion. Additionally, we offer quality assurance services to ensure that the implemented security measures meet your specific requirements and adhere to the highest standards.


The procurement process can expose your organization to various risks, especially in the era of global supply chains. The integrity and security of your suppliers are as important as your in-house security. We offer services to help you manage these risks. This includes vendor selection, contract negotiation, and risk assessment of products and services. Our aim is to ensure that your supply chain is secure and capable of delivering the quality you require, without introducing any vulnerabilities into your organization.

Third parties risk management

Organizations today increasingly rely on third-party services for various business operations, which exposes them to additional risks. These risks can include data breaches, service disruptions, and non-compliance with regulations, among others. We offer third-party risk management services to identify, assess, and mitigate these risks. Our approach includes performing security audits, continuous monitoring, and managing contractual obligations to ensure that your third-party relationships do not become a weak link in your security framework.