With our Secure Communications services, you can ensure that your communications are secure and private, while enjoying the flexibility to communicate with a range of other platforms and control how open or locked down your server is.

  1. Matrix Protocol-Based Messenger Services: At the heart of our secure communication services are our messenger services, which utilize the Matrix protocol. This open standard for secure, decentralized, real-time communication provides end-to-end encryption, ensuring your communications are private and secure. This service can be used for your daily communications, as a secure backup communication line, or even as an emergency communication system.
  2. Hosted or On-Premises Server Options: We offer flexible hosting options for your messenger service. We can host and manage the server on your behalf, freeing you from the complexities of server management and ensuring the service is always available and secure. Alternatively, we can deploy the server within your own infrastructure, giving you more control and integration with your existing IT systems.
  3. Dedicated Instance: Each hosted messenger instance is dedicated solely to your organization, ensuring you aren't sharing resources or data with other customers. This enhances the privacy and security of your communications.
  4. Bridging to Other Messaging Services: We can extend the utility of the messenger service by bridging it to other popular messaging platforms such as Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook Messenger. This allows you to send and receive messages from these platforms within the secure environment of your Matrix-based messenger.
  5. Federation Options: Matrix supports federation, meaning you can choose to allow your server to communicate with other Matrix instances, expanding your communication network. If preferred, we can also lock down the server to only allow local accounts, enhancing the control and security of your communications.